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4th-6th APRIL 2023, 9.15PM

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About The Show

Tiktok’s Breakthrough Stars of 2022 the Sugarcoated Sisters bring their smash-hit sell-out Edinburgh Fringe debut to London for the first time.


The award winning, critically acclaimed and hopelessly flawed musical comedy duo move back to their home town to discover unfinished business lurking around every corner. Armed with original songs, guitar and double bass, no musical style is off-limits as ammunition for their scathing revenge on everyone who’s ever wronged them. 

One has bipolar. One has diabetes. And neither of them have had sex for two years … join them as they unleash their multi-million-hit personas at Soho Theatre for a collective cathartic release.

Directed by Laura Corcoran (Frisky and Mannish).

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Sugarcoated Sisters as Men
  • Sugarcoated Sisters TikTok
  • Sugarcoated Sisters Instagram
  • Sugarcoated Sisters Twitter

Tiktok Breakthrough Stars 2022

Best Newcomer Musical Comedy Awards 2022

TikTok Creators to Watch 2022

TikTok’s Trailblazing Women 2022

Funny Women Content Creator Award Finalists

(2021 & 2022)


Sugarcoated Sisters Musical Comedy

About Tabby & Chloe

The Sugarcoated Sisters are an award-winning musical comedy duo and real-life siblings from Hertfordshire. Chloe is the blonde, Tabby is the brunette!


The Sugarcoated Sisters launched on TikTok in January 2020 and since then have gained over 600K online followers and over 100M views. Their content covers feminism, dating, UK culture and more packaged as original, well-produced musical sketches. 

Tabby & Chloe entered the live comedy scene in Jan 2022, with a guitar and double and scathingly rude original songs. The won Best Newcomer at the Musical Comedy Awards 2022 and have been doing gigs and previews around the country before in preparation for their Edinburgh Fringe Debut with Sugarcoated Sisters: Bittersweet. 

Sugarcoated Sisters: Bittersweet is our debut show.

We'd LOVE you to be there <3




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